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Life 🤔

What is LIFE?

A ray of hope….Hope that one day everything will be fine and that one day all my wishes will be full filled.

A series of events…Events that very important in one’s life.

A big web of lies…Lies that you tell to yourself and others, when you put a fake mask and try to smile.but deep down you are broken like glass.

Waiting for tomorrow…Tomorrow when I will have what i want.

Struggling in the present to have a better future… A future which has all the luxury and comfort.

We,ll I have been wondering about this question from quite a few days. I really wonder what is the purpose of life?

Two little steps…

When I take two steps ahead,

You pull me four steps back…

When I take two steps ahead,

You pull my soul six steps back…

When I take two steps ahead,

You pull my ambitions eight steps back…

When I take two steps ahead,

You pull my desire to smile again ten steps back…

When I take two steps ahead,

You pull my yearn to take two steps ahead…

Just when I think of taking a step forward, you take me ten steps back and you break one my legs….

Reflect your dreams

Positive affirmation #7

Gandhi says: “We often become what we believe ourselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. When I believe I can, I acquire the ability to do it, even if I didn’t have it in the beginning”

Think what you want in your life and believe that you already have it.

Reflect your dreams in your words.

Let everyone around you be aware of your dreams.

And very soon you will have it.

Behave like a king if you want to be a king.

Believe that you live in a castle.

“Your perception will make things happen for you”

#Reflection time#

Dealing with Difficulty

Positive Affirmation #6

“If you’ve got somebody’s aspects in your experience that you don’t like, there’s only one reason they’re there. You keep evoking them with your attention to them”

You will have to deal with difficulty if you think about it.

It takes time to settle the dust after a storm but always thinking about the storm will not be helpful. People say that we should never forget the difficult.

My question is “Why we should even remember the difficult time?”

Unconsciously thinking about negative events evoke them. So let’s just think about the happy moments and cherish life.

Adulthood values

Many times we do things that don’t sync with our values.

But then we have to do it.

Your real self doesn’t allow you to do it but your ideal self will force you to do it for society.

Recently, I came across a similar situation. For a few days, I had to prepare myself or rather convince my real self that I will have to do it. Even if my conscience doesn’t allow, still I will have to it.

Though it’s still in my thought process, I was thinking if it is so difficult for me (as an adult) to sync two contrasting situation, how children do it. We teach our children so many values. Right from their infancy, we try our best to imbibe values in them. Some of them like you should never lie, always help others, share things and so on.

But as we grow, do we really follow all the values. We lie at our workplace to get some excuse, we hesitate to help our colleague, we don’t share but we waste many things. Many times we manipulate things as per our convenience.

So why our parents teach us values?

Where is the place of values in our professional life!!

I wish…

Sometimes I wish,

That I had one person ♥…

In my life…

Who would always stand next to me.

Sometimes I wish,

I had a shoulder to cry on…

Or to rest.

Sometimes I wish,

I could just hold your hand…

And keep it on my forehand…

And look into your eyes.

Sometimes I wish,

When my wish will be fulfilled.

Never ending wish to find that one soul with whom I can feel connected and vice versa.

♥ Like Attracts Like ♥

Positive Affirmation #5

Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances”

Many scientists have proved that opposites attract are a myth. People are attracted to only those who hold the same views and concerns.

Same is with our thoughts. Positive thoughts will attract positive circumstances and people.

So why you are wasting your time in negative thoughts and making your precious life difficult. Instead, focus on more positive thoughts, make yourself happy.

Enjoy life to its fullest.

Be a strong positive magnet that you will attract all the things you want in your life. Create a positive aura around you. ♥