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Deadline – The line which everyone wants to finish.

Deadline- We all set deadline in our life. Some set for losing weight, some set for starting a new career, some set for getting married and so on.

But why do we set deadline? We set deadline so that we can achieve our goal in some desired time. We are more focused when we have a deadline. Our whole energy is channelized for completing the work.

And it’s good to have one. It keeps us motivated and one can have check on their progress. But sometimes having a deadline can be stressful.

Especially when we don’t have resources to meet our deadline or our work depends on others. Some people are so focused that they panic when they can’t complete the task especially in corporate life, deadlines are the only thing which employees receive from their employers regularly.

And the irony is you will get punished if you don’t meet the deadline but you will not be rewarded if you do it in the given time frame.

Having a deadline is fine but don’t be harsh on yourself. Sometimes we are just puppets who are running to achieve someone’s else’s deadline.

To be honest, I am constantly setting deadline for one of my task. And it’s been a year now. I am still struggling to complete it. But the amount of stress I feel is too much. Even though I try to pacify myself still can’t lose my tie. The situation is not in my control

So relax. Take a back seat. Set a deadline which will motivate you and not demotivate you.

Reading is like an exercise for our mind and soul

Today I attended a workshop on how to inculcate the habit of reading in school children. The workshop was very informative. We ended up discussing so many activities which will help school children to enjoy reading.

But as adults, do we also engage our time in reading and by reading I don’t mean reading post on any social media or news for that matter. What I mean is quality reading. The one that will refresh your mind.

We are so busy with in our daily lives that we don’t get time to read books. Even if we get time, we prefer to read it on Kindle or on our mobile phones. But don’t you agree that as kids, we loved the feeling of reading new book. The sound of flipping the pages and touching the pictures as if they are giving the exact feeling of being there. Well I don’t about you guys, but I miss it.

I am sure at least one of you will agree with me. So it’s time to go back and get a hold of nice book of any genre, author. Sit with a cup of coffee and hold the book in your hand.

Keep your smart technology gadgets aside and get the real feel of reading.

Because reading is like an exercise to our mind… It’s time to lift some weight for our brains.

Well, even I am going to grab my book and wear my spectacles.

Happy reading readers.

An Ode To Life


My lips smile in pain….

Whenever I recount the moments that have gone by.

Though, for a few moments,

But life met me,

with a smile.

Even today when I remember those moments..

They make my heart forget every grief,

Even today whenever I remember that view,

They erase all the loneliness from my heart and life….

I don’t wanna be like a broken necklace!!

God forbid, I don’t want to be your beloved…

Oh God! I don’t want to be your dearest anymore!!

My heart can;t deny my will,

But my Life has already my fate..

My life. if your can’t benefit me,


Don’t become the reason of my loss also…



Waiting for…

Today I really hope for getting an answer I have been waiting for.

It’s been so many months now, I am tired of waiting.

I came all the way here just to get an answer.

But who is going to answer me?

Suprise!! Nobody.

I have to answer myself in these few days.

Or else I will be part of gamble, risking my life.

So here I am… waiting for the answer.

The clock is ticking.. the soon I make a decision,the better my life will be.

Wish me luck😊