Here I come up with my first ever blog.. 

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Near death experience…

Day before yesterday when I woke up in the morning. I had a sudden chest pain. I couldn’t bear the pain so I asked my mom to take me to the hospital. No doctor was available as it was a Sunday. My mother panicked because she has never seen me in such pain. I was unable to breathe.

When we reached the hospital, no doctor was available. Seeing me in pain.. my mother further panicked and took me to another hospital. Finally there was one doctor available. He asked me where exactly the pain is. I told him my chest is paining. He quickly monitored my BP and pulse rate for 2min. There was no heart attack. But to our suprise.. my BP was droped as I was very scared and in pain.

All this while my mom was holding my hand. I could see she was very much worried. She was feeling helpless as she couldn’t do anything for my pain. The doctor further examined me and then he realized that my chest pain was due to acidity.

He gave me injection and after 10mins I was feeling better. The pain was no more. But still I could see that my mom was feeling tensed. This was first time when she saw me in pain since my birth.

The doctor gave me medicine and we went home. That day I realized few things. I am sure everybody knows this…but we fail to acknowledge or are unable to do it. They are-

1. Take care of your health. You are important and precious. So pls take good care of yourself.

2. Always surround yourself with your loved ones. It can be your family, husband, wife or anyone. They are tbe best support. Take care of your loved ones.

3. And last eat good food and do exercise. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to workout in gym for 2-3hrs.. it can be a brisk walk for 20mins every day.

So I have learnt my lesson. I hope everyone will realise the importance SELF. Take care and love yourself.

Have a great week.

ITS TIME TO OFFLOAD THE BAGGAGE…Set yourself free and smile.


Since I am a teacher, I come across many children who love to share their day to day activities. Some children don’t share the exact stuff which is going on in their mind. But thankfully they have someone in their life to share their feelings. They have their friends, parents and people around them to share their feelings.

As we grow, we realise that our circle of sharing is shrinking gradually. We start realising that we should share our feelings and thoughts with our closed one. Our feelings should not become garden for others.

As our circle of sharing shrinks, our anxiety and trust related issues increases. We start keeping our feeling to ourselves. Gradually, these feelings start becoming pond of negative thoughts. It becomes like a pile of old stinking clothes. Whenever we look at it, it is never going to give you a pleasant experience. So why are we creating a pile of dirty stinking thoughts? Why as mature adults we cannot deal with our negative thoughts? Why we feel so lonely inspite of having friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband and parents.

Well, I think as we grow old, we start suspecting all our relations. We feel that if we open our heart, someone may take advantage of it. Someone may take advantage of our weakness. But there should be some solution for this.

As a psychologist, I think everyone should have a special one in their life who is wiling to take care of your old pile of clothes. It’s not only about the old clothes. It is also about how to manage your day to day emotions. And that special person non other than “YOU”.

Yes. It’s true. You are the most special person for yourself. You can take care of yourself very well. Don’t rely on others for your well being. So come on, It’s time to set yourself free. Set yourself free from negative thoughts.  Create a positive aura around you. Let others get attracted to your undefined positive aura. Let the small child in you be alive forever. And keep smiling. The world out there is waiting for your smile. So whenever you step out, make sure your attire is complete with your beautiful amazing SMILE….






Dreams – a way to our unconscious mind

Dreams.. what is a dream? Some vivid images or stories that our mind collects when we are sleeping. It’s a movie or our wish. Dreams make a large part of our unconscious mind.

Our dreams has different meaning. Yes.. our dreams has some meaning especially if it is a same dream occuring many times.

For instance- if we see a any animal in our dream. Say dog.. it also carries a meaning. Infact the movement of the dog..whether it is sleeping or dog is chasing you also means something for us.

I am getting this dream from couple of months. Not exactly the same one. But the gist is same. The dream – I am walking on the street and big big dogs are chasing me. I am running very fast. The dog is very near but still I managing to get away from it. (I sometimes wonder that if I would have been a good runner, I could have taken part in Olympic.. chuckles).

So I actually gave it a thought about my dream. According to Sigmund Freud- Dog symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection. On the other hand, seeing a dog in your dream may also indicate a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten. It could indicate an inner conflict or a betrayal.

Well our dreams tell us something about ourselves. It’s time to wake up and connect the dots of our dreams.

Have a great week ahead.

Small steps for a big goal

Hello.. This is my first blog as a blogger. I am new to writing blogs.  I have been thinking about writing blog from quite sometime.

Like any beginner, I did my research of writing a blog including which website is used for writing a blog. I am a naive to all this but I love writing. In previous office, I used to write articles for office magazine.

Then it occurred to me that I love to write and do research about any topic. It gives me happiness.

But when I was completing my schooling, I used to hate writing. Infact I used to like expressing my thoughts verbally. But over the period of time, my preference has changed. Now I like to write my thoughts instead of sharing it with anyone.

Why there has been a change- from being an extrovert to introvert.

Well, experience change everything. Psychologist say that changing a person’s preference is not easy. It’s something inherent. So how this change has happened?