An unposted letter

It’s been 5 months and 10 days. I am still waiting for you. Each day, every minute, every second I think about you. I think of all the times that we had spent together. I sleep a lot so that I can see you in my dreams. I can talk to you in my dreams. My eyes are empty, just like my heart. Never ever thought that we will have to stay apart. I always knew that I went away, you will always come for me. I never knew that I would have to wait alone for you. I never thought that I could cry for someone so much that my eyes are tired of crying. They don’t have tears anymore.

I know what is heart ache now. I have faith in God that even this storm will pass one day. Very soon everything will be normal. In fact it would be better than earlier times.

We will be together forever. This is what is destined for us. We are meant to be together. Let’s pray together for our future.

Pain or Pleasure

In any given situation, we have two options- Pain or Pleasure. And this is not rocket science. You must have heard this like million times in motivational videos…

But why, we end up choosing pain. Why do we end up punishing courses, torturing ourselves? We know that any phase of life will never last for too long. Some or the other day, it will end.

Still, it seems so difficult to stay in that and wait for that phase to go away…

I sometimes wonder, why my life can’t be normal? Why?

Day 9 of positive thinking

Well my day was great. I got to learn many things today. I am still enjoying my day with my beautiful niece. I feel happy to be around her. She makes my day. I am thankful to God for giving me great parents and brother who are always there to look after me.

I am positive about my life. I know my life is great and I have everything and everyone in my. Thank you God for blessing me with all my wishes. I am really happy to be with my love of life- Aj. After so many days I am with him. That’s all I wanted.. And God has finally fulfilled my wishes. Thank you everyone for your prayers and blessings.

Day 8 of Positive Thinking

Today was a little hectic day. Travelling and all. Above all, it was really very energetic day for. I am eagerly waiting for the next week. I am thank full to God for blessing me with great parents, brother and niece. Thank you God for all your blessings. Thank you for giving me what I wanted- my love of life- Aj. Finally he is with me. And I am so happy. I have complete faith in God.

I am blessed child. I am really fortunate to be surrounded by my loved ones. Thank you so much god.

Thank you universe for my blessing me so much. Thank you universe for fulfilling my wishes. Think positive and it always help you to stay right on track. Have faith.

Day 7 of Positive Thinking

My today’s day was indeed one of the best days of 2021. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was happy. I could talk what was there on my mind. I know this coming week is very important for me. Everything is getting better and better day by day. I am really happy for that. I am blessed.

Thank you so much God and universe for fulfilling my wishes. Thank you for giving me my love of life- aj. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you everyone for praying for me. I need more prayers and blessings. Pls keep praying for everyone in this whole world. We all need someone’s blessing and prayer.

Day 6 of Positive Thinking

Again an amazing day!! I am getting chance to travel with my mother. I am surrounded by all the people who love me so much. Love and blessing is there everywhere. I am sure that things are getting better and better day by day. I am happy as my love of life-Aj is with me. Very soon, I am going to meet him. Talk to him everyday. Isn’t it great!!!! Finally that day has come-our day where we are together with each other. I always wanted and wished for this only.

Thank you god and universe for blessing me with what I wanted. I am truly blissful. I am thankful to everyone for their prayer and blessings. Thank you universe. My thoughts have become reality now.

Day 5 of Positive Thinking

It is we who can make our life miserable or enjoyable. It is us who can decide between pain and pleasure. And that is true. Since the day I have started to think positively, things are actually changing around me. I am really happy today. I mean it. I feel blessed and happy. I know that my love- Aj is out from the that place. He is with me. I can talk or meet him whenever I want to. Wowoow…. It’s like a dream come true. I am really happy. Thank you God for giving me what I wanted. Thank you universe for believing in my wish and giving me my love of life. This whole experience has made a better and wise person. I am truly thankful to my parents, God and universe for being with me in my difficult time. Thank you so much everyone.

Day 4 of Positive Thinking

Wowow….I am really happy today. Super happy🥰🥰 I talked to my love of life and I was so relieved to know that he is safe and sound. He also told me that he is going to come soon. I have faith in God that everything is getting fine. I am really happy and blessed today. I am super duper happy 💝💝 My love of life – Aj is with me. Finally our time has come to be with each other….yippeeeee thank you God. Thank you so much for giving me what I wanted. Thank you so much for blessing me with my wishes. Thank you my lord. 💝💝

Day 3 of Positive Thinking

Well, Today I read somewhere that it will not rain forever. The season will change. So I need to have faith and continue to thinking positively. I am blessed. Yes, I am. I can see that my mother is taking efforts for me. I am the most luckiest daughter in the world to have such a loving and caring parents. I know that things are changing. Everything is getting and it will improve. My love of life- aj is with me… The amazing time that is our time has come… 🥰🥰I am enjoying every bit of it. I am really blessed and happy. Thank you universe. Thank you, God for always looking after me.

Day 2 of positive thinking

Today my princesses have completed 2 months. I love her so much. She is a ray of hope. I am content and satisfied. Finally everything is solved. I recovered from Covid. Everyone was safe around me. I am with my parents now. They are happy with each other. My love of life is also with me- Aj. I am super happy. I can feel the happiness in me. I am glad everything tuned out to be awesome and great. He is with me. My god gave me patience hope and faith. I truly believe in you. My vision has shaped into reality. The magic was set into motion and I got what I wanted. Thank you god for always blessing me with my wishes.

Day 1 of Positive Thinking

I have decided to journal my thoughts for 21 days. The reason why I started writing over here was to express myself without the fear of being judged. But gradually, I started fearing and stopped writing what I actually felt like. So I have decided to note down my thoughts and think positive in all the situations. So today is my day 1 of writing journal.

I just want to focus on today. One situation at a time. It been a while since I was trapped in a loop, but not anymore. I am really a blessed soul as I have my parents with me. My brother has been blessed with a baby girl. She is the new angel of my life. Everything is smooth around me. Ajay is also fine. Even his problem is solved. He is out of the prison and the case is closed. Our families are happy and we have their blessings always. I am really grateful to god for always being there for me. I am really a blessed soul. I have everything that I want. I can see and feel it. I am really thank you god for helping my love of life Ajay to be safe, healthy and free from the prison. His innocence is proved. Krishna bhagwan, thank you very much for giving me strength and bringing back Ajay.

The Rant Out Time

aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!I am feeling so pissed off now on someone. Well I am just going to pour out my frustration over here. I don’t care about my spellings or grammatical errors for that matter. It all started on 24th April, 2021. My friend’s sister called me and asked me to arrange a surprise cake for her. She is my childhood friend. So I thought why not, lets do it. Next day I went to her place with the cake. Her family members also planned out beautiful surprise for her. To my surprise, her birthday tuned out to be great. But but, that stupid friend of my mine (ex-childhood friend), she was all the time complaining that why did we planned a surprise for her. How dumb she is?? My mom asked me not to go, still I went. AAAAHhhhhhhh…..I got covid because of her. But that stupid friend, I have stopped talking to her since that day. To be specific, 30th April onwards. I hate her now. I don’t want her in my life ever.

The most ungrateful person she is. I am never ever going to do anything for her. That is for sure. I ma waiting to recover fully from covid. Than I will deal with her personally. But as of now, I am really mad at her. And most of all, I am made at myself for not listening to my mother.

I have promised myself that hereafter I will always listen to her. I am always going to obey her. I just want to recover soon. Pray for me guys. Please, really need of your prayers. Please guys, I am feeling weak. Today is my 12th day. The symptoms are longer seen but I am feeling weak.